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A word on how the comment business works….

The program allows anyone to add a comment and asks for their email address. When the comment is posted, I get an email letting me know that it has been posted and I have to follow a link to approve it. Initially I had wanted to allow comments without “moderation” but was advised that this might not be such a good idea as there are bad people out there who get their kicks out of messing around in family and personal pages like this as well as spammers who take advantage where they can to post their junk. The alternative is to require everyone to “register” their email address with the site, get approved and then they can post as much as they want without the moderator being involved. Depending upon the frequency of comments, I may change to that approach, especially as I was hoping that many of the pictures would be supplemented with some identification information and notes. We shall see…Any though on this would be appreciated.


If you want a copy of the picture there are 2 ways to do this. The first is to post a comment asking for a copy and I will locate the original and send it to the address associated with the post. The second is a bit more work perhaps but can be done directly on the site with no posting involved and thus no delay while I find it and send it.

To do it yourself:

Be on the page with the picture.

Just above the picture is a line with some notes as to who posted it and when. The line contains something like the following:

Full size is 905 × 1600 pixels

Click on the  905 × 1600 link and this will take you to a larger version of the picture. This will be automatically re-sized in most Internet Browsers (Internet Explorer  from Microsoft, Firefox etc) so that it fits inside the monitor screen. Right-click on the picture and a menu will appear that should contain a line:

save image as…

Click on that and you should be given a navigation screen to allow you to save the picture to your computer. The details may vary between browsers and I have not tested this with anything but the 2 I mentioned above. If all else fails, just post a comment.


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