Climate Change

As Joe Friday used to say: “The facts ma’am, just the facts”.

I first encountered the issue of a changing world climate sometime in the early 1970’s when I developed an interest in rocks and geology. It all started when one of my children picked up a rock and asked that simple question: “Daddy, what’s this rock?” Now, if you are a Dad, you just know that you are expected to know the answer to any and all such questions. So, I bought a book or 2 and then many dozens leading to such topics as plate tectonics, crystallography, cutting and polishing and a few other assorted topics. I collected, cut, polished, categorized and even bought a few specimens on my tight budget. While I no longer cut & polish due to the lack of a reasonable facility to work in, this remains one of my fondest memories as having great enjoyment and I would dearly love to be able to do it again.

I might add that my Mother was a registered gemologist and the first woman to pass the test from the Society in England that has the highest standards and reputation.

It may seem hard to believe at this time but back in the 1970’s the concern in the Scientific community was about Global Cooling. The most commonly referenced article related to this period is an article in Newsweek Magazine from Aril 28, 1975 titled “The Coming Ice Age” which is available here. The most significant part of the article is the chart it contains:


You will find no evidence of this in the charts and graphs issued by the current crop of folks alarmed about “Global Warming”, which is one of the key indicators of their dishonesty.





An analysis of common Myths And Facts


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