In Memory of Dad

How to present the pictures, cards and memorabilia associated with Dad has been an evolving project. At first, it was just pictures to be scanned and then it was necessary to add a separate section for books and documents. Further categories may well need to be added later. I also wanted to find a way to allow members of the family to add comments to the contents which led me to this form of a web page. I also decided that this would take entirely too long to wait until it was completed before making the results available….so this will be a “Work in Progress”.

Suggestions for improvement are most appreciated.

Overview & Notes

Photographs and Memorabilia

Documents and Books

The Swann Family Tree

World War 2, the 101st Airborne Division And Dad


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  1. J Frank La Due says:

    7/28/2013 – Reloaded the part 3 of the Cancun trip which was lost somehow. Also revised the menu system.

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