Pictures from 2015

Here it is Almost June and I’m just getting to this. Makes one really miss the old photographs. The digital world sure has its disadvantages at times.

Yes, some of these really belong in 2014 but I put them here since I was so late adding them.

12/20/2014 – Christmas at Home with Family

12/25/2014 – Christmas in New Mexico

03/15/2015 – Another Global Warming Blast

03/15/2015 – Jan’s Birthday Trip to Sarasota

04/04/2015 – Oliver Visits for the Weekend

05/03/2015 – Trip to Skyline Drive

05/14/2015 – A Trip to DC with Oliver’s Class..most wonderful

05/23/2015 – Joey & Pauline Visit

05/24/2015 – Prince William Forest

06/14/2015 – A Day Trip to the Zoo


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