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A Nam Chronology in Pictures – Page 3


Some of my compatriots…

Crawford & Ie0381928

Major Nelson e0381932

At the local pool e0442032

Leonard e0462077

Lt. Burl (?) Weller as he is departing for home. Good guy

e0572679a e0532313

Tony  e0542597

Ray Verette Caught ya…LOL e0552618

Outside the office e0552653

Tom decided to get a sun tan and we decorated him up…some party the night before. He & I became bridge partners, me teaching him to play. The nightly stakes were “who bought the beer”. After we hit our stride, we never lost…ever. The last night we played, just before I left to go home, we were plastered and way behind. I put him into a “minor slam” without looking at my cards and he won. He turned around and, again without looking at his cards, put me into a “grand slam”. I won the hand and we won that last game. He lived in Detroit as I recall…great buddy.


As a reward for my Soldier of the Month award, I was given a 3-day pass to visit a buddy (Ronnie Henderson) that I went to Finance School with who was in Qui Nyon. It was also an in-country R&R site as it was on the coast…

rool18a_0006d redonea rool18a_0002a

At the beach…

rool18a_0009a redone2

Ronnie Henderson & I

rool18a_0004c rool18a_0004d

The local scene…

rool18a_0006c rool18a_0003c rool18a_0005b rool18a_0005d

In December I went with the newly arrived Major E. J. Nugent on an inspection trip to the petroleum depot at Tay Ninh which is just a spitting distance from the Cambodian border. It proved to be one of the more memorable trips we made together. Got to know and respect him well. His complaint about me was that I could not drive as I had never learned…which was true. So he had to drive and I rode shotgun, which I liked a lot as I got to see a lot more and took a bunch more pictures as a result.

Leaving and getting there…along with evidence that our Air Force and their B-52’s had been on the scene.

e0682993e0683027a  e0683001 e0683004 e0683007e0683008   e0683014e0683022e0683023e0683025e0683026a      e0683012a

Cobra Gunship


Local scenery…the first time that artillery fired I nearly jumped out of my skin. It was a regular drumbeat of firing that one gets used to after some time.

e0693051 e0693057 e0693033a e0693035 e0693045 e0693049

The trip back was exceptional. We left Tay Nanh and after a short ride at high altitude, the pilot asked if we would like a “low altitude” trip. We agreed immediately. That meant that he dropped the chopper down to some 20-30 yards above ground level and he “contour flew” for miles. We would come over a rise and animals and locals would scatter. I was sitting in the right door behind the pilot, strapped in with my feet dangling out. He flew at over 120 knots.

e0703076 e0703059 e0703062 e0703063 e0703064 e0703065

Finally we were over Saigon and back to Earth…

e0703070 e0703069e0703071

Christmas brought the Bob Hope show and a seat in the far back…not just the far back – the exact last row of seats. We did not know about the show until about 10:00 AM and it started at noon.

e0733140 e0733132 e0733133 e0733135 e0733138

Guard duty was still a recurring good time…Crawford & I making like we were real cool troops…

nam0064a nam00672 nam00682 nam0068a

An Awards ceremony…forgot the occasion, I think it was a change in command. Most likely just a reason to get away from the office boredom.

e0763220  e0763224e0763226

Some of the local “birds” we saw routinely…

e0763254 e0763212 e0763214 e0763218 e0763230 e0763234 e0763251

Here I am burning classified documents…

e0542594 e0542593

More trips into Saigon on an inspection:

e0572675e0572674e0602755nam11 - Saigon StreetThere’s a “round-eye” girl in that jeep with nice legs!


e0602765 e0602770 e0602774 e0612809 e0672955 e0672967 e0713096

e0713095That’s my M-14.

e0713097 e0713113

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