Grandpa Kewl

Book Review – A Tale of Two Caves, Francois Bordes

From the back cover…says it better than I might:

Describing recent research done in the Combe-Grenal and Pech de l’Aze caves; this book describes the inter-disciplinary approach to and methodology of excavation used by French anthropologists and geologists. A history of the research done in these caves is traced and the information gathered on the Acheulean and Mousterian cultures is reported.

It’s a quite technical book which is one of its strengths and a bit of a weakness for the general reader. I rather enjoyed it a lot as it showed just how the detail work is done.

Excellent illustrations….very helpful and useful. I rather enjoy all the details and knowing just how the professionals do their thing. Given my own background and nature, all that detail…obsessive almost…appeals to me. The best of the pictures and the most informative are those of the stones and scapers and points and various flints. They really give a good sense of how they were made and used.


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