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Book Review – Adios America!, Ann Coulter

Every person in this country should read this book…..

Suffice it to say that:

  • I have read all of Ann’s books
  • They are meticulously researched
  • They are absolutely accurate
  • This is no exception

This is a final warning to the country that our nation, as we have grown to understand it, is about to disappear into the dustbin of history if we do not do something to halt the degradation caused by unlimited and uncontrolled illegal immigration. The examples of behavior on the part of both the illegals and those that defend them are quite disturbing. And they just go on and on and on…and keep happening.

The book correlates very well with what I’m finding in both “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” by Gibbons and “The Masks of God” by Joseph Campbell. A society that  fails to respect itself and its culture is doomed. In this case, we are headed down to a 2nd or even 3rd world nation if the current trends are not reversed. Some parts of the nation are fast approaching that status now…just take a look at California.

But, one can easily conclude that it is the intent of the ruling class, particularly those on the Left, that this is the objective.

All that might sound like “The Sky is Falling”, but in fact, it IS falling.

Read this if you have the courage to do so…..but be prepared to be alarmed if you are not already.

Finally – for those who hate Ann…just remember this: her writings are about the most well researched and documented works on the planet. At last count, I think there were about 2-3 examples only where anything she wrote has been subject to a correction. So that means that these are the facts. You may not like to hear them, but they are the facts. And if you cannot deal with facts, shame on you.


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