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Book Review – Atlantis the Antediluvian World, Ignatius Donnelly

This is a reprint of the Illustrated Edition of 1882

In a very real sense, this is the classic source book for all the stories related to Atlantis, together with interesting illustrations. For anyone who is at the least interested in the story or the legend, this is required reading.

Some notes:

1 – The commonality of stories nearly everywhere related to a deluge

2 – The use of the common name “Atlan…”

3 – North American legends of Eastern origin and of white people

4 – The common sequence: Gods, Giants, Humans

5 – The practice of circumcision

6 – The year in 12 months

7 – The commonality of the numbers 360/3/12/60

8 – The Atlantic as an ocean

9 – Serpent worship

10 – Leprosy

11 – Commonality of words for numbers etc.

Given the words of Plate and Herodotus….one ignores this entirely at great risk.

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