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Book Review – Cologne No. 10 For Men, Richard Morris

This one has been signed by the author.

The store here is that a co-worker, and fellow Vietnam Vet, once invited me to a gathering of poets who were also fellow vets and their families. We met in a bar in Silver Springs, not my usual place to go. Turned out to be an interesting evening and I met the author who read a portion of the book for us. Later I ordered a copy of the book directly from the author and asked him to sign it with a “Welcome Home” added to it, which he did.

The story itself is part realistic history of the experience on being in Vietnam and part spoof. The silly part of it initially took me by surprise and put me off a bit at first. I must have missed part of this experience as I did not encounter the frequent contacts related to sex and drugs as described in the book, but then I did avoid most of that on purpose.

The real telling part of the story concerns the relationship of a black soldier with his compatriots and his reactions to combat…very well done.

Nice read.

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