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Book Review – Come on People, Bill Cosby

This is an exceptional book….got one of my all-time favorite men into a lot of trouble.

For the record: I saw Bill Cosby in an audience of less than 100 in a Cleveland show back in 1964-1965. I own every episode of “I Spy” and I have most of his recordings.

The fact that his past abuse of women has come to light lately takes some of the shine off his image tho…

Notes I took:

P xvi – “…the people of my generation suffered the kind of indignities that people of yours can hardly even imagine.”

P 10 – For better or worse, we invented “cool”

P 16 – The Ku Klux Klan could not have devised a media culture as destructive as the one our media moguls, black and white, have created for black America.

P 27 – If you have not come to claim your children, you have stolen their hope.

P 29 – The Father’s prayer: First I will work to be the best father I can. I will openly display love and caring for my children….

P 35 – The way race is defined in the United States makes no biological or genetic sense.

P 65 – Diaper changing? That’s right brother. It takes a real man to change a baby’s diaper.

P 68 – You’re the boss. As a grownup, with all your years of experience, you should be able to out-argue your child.

P 100 – When we underachieve, we compare ourselves to some other underachievers and celebrate being the best of the pitiful.

P 123 – There are few more rewarding moments for geezers like us than to meet a young person with manners.

P 132 – From Benjamin Mays: “The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching our goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.”

P 140 – Despite what TV network executives want us to believe, the truth is that hundreds of studies link violent media with increased aggression.

P 141 – Exposure to media violence also heightens feelings of paranoia.

P 143 – Minister Farrakhan and this gangsta mentality is leading our children into a valley of death…Those who defend gangsta rap claim there is no harm in profanity, no harm in vulgarizing women, no harm in dropping out of school, no harm in blaming the system for the disaster they have made of their lives.

P 144 – Among its other charms, gangsta rap promotes the widespread use of the N-word to sell CDs among people of all ethnic groups. In fact, the audience for gangsta rap is made up predominantly of white youth, who get a vicarious thrill from participating in a black thug fantasy, including the degradation of women….Don’t fall for this nonsense. The N-word is a vile symbol of our oppression by slave masters.

P 185 – …the cultural memory of black America cannot be overlooked.

P 221 – ,,,certain people tell us that we are picking on the poor. Many of those who accuse us are scholars and intellectuals, upset that we are not blaming everything on white people as they do.

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