Grandpa Kewl

Book Review – In Quest of the Great White Gods, Robert F. Marx

The thrust of the book is simple:

The “New World” was visited by many folk long before the voyages of Columbus. This includes the Phoenicians, Romans and others. The evidence is found in the monuments and artifacts that have been uncovered but which are ignored by the standard historians.

The authors case is well presented and represented by a fair number of facts that seem to well contradict our accepted history. The most intriguing evidence is found in the artifacts that have been found in places where they have no business being found:

  • Bronze where it did not exist
  • Statues depicting persons who should not be there
  • Items found only in Europe but found in the water near the Americas
  • Oddities of language and names
  • Coins from Europe

It is an interesting thesis and one that cannot be completely ignored as impossible.


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