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Book Review – In The Presence Of My Enemies, Tsipon Shuguba

From the Dust Jacket…says it well…

The Tibetan catastrophe–the systematic destruction of a people, a religion, a priceless civilization–has continued for more that thirty-five years. In this book Tsipan Shuguba, the last surviving high official from the 14th Dalai Lama’s government, has revealed information about the Chinese takeover and occupation that was deliberately concealed from the outside world for decades. Simply and without bitterness Shuguba speaks about what he witnessed–the Chinese invasion and his own part in the military resistance; the bombings, executions, and massacres; the deaths of his wife and daughter; and his own “trial” and nineteen-year imprisionment.

This is a powerful story, well written and one that leaves me with both a sense of sadness and a feeling of eternal loss. Tibet is gone, lost beyond any hope. To believe in the recovery is impossible given the determination of the Chinese to rule the country and exploit its resources. If you have ever cared about Tibet, its heritage and spirituality….this will break your heart.

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