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Book Review – Mugged, Ann Coulter

As with all of Ann Coulter’s books, this is meticulously researched. While one may fuss over the incendiary language that she uses at times and the barbed humor she uses, one who challenges her on the facts will quickly find that they are out-matched. There is a small industry that spends its time doing nothing but checking her facts and they have almost never, well, maybe 2-3 time, come up with a discrepancy. You may not like her presentation or tone, but you cannot argue with her facts.

I rather like her…a lot in fact.

The book is a general overview of the history of racism and the law in America. The gist is simple: the Republicans have been totally short-changed and libeled over their past and the Democrats have taken credit for things that they fought tenaciously against. One of history’s great ironies.

Some notes:

P 3 – “In his second term, Eisenhower pushed through two major civil rights laws and created the Civil Rights Commission–over the stubborn objections of Democrats. Senator Lyndon Johnson warned his fellow segregationist Democrats. “Be ready to take up that goddamned nigra bill again. Liberal hero Senator Sam Ervin told his fellow segregationists, “I’m on your side, not theirs.” adding ruefully, “we’ve got to give the goddamned niggers something.”

P 9 – “Long before there was discrimination against blacks, there was discrimination against white southerners”. I know this to be a fact from my own experiences as a southern white male going north to Cleveland in 1963.

P 20 – Justice Clarence Thomas and the right of blacks to carry arms to defend against racist mobs.

P 20 – Liberals were mortified that Republicans, especially Eisenhower and Nixon, had led the fight to end segregation while-as Nixon said-Democreats were still squeezing “the last ounces of political juice out of the rotten fruit of racial injustice.”

P 76 – Gay hypocrisy related to racism.

P 78 – Louis Farrakhan, Charles Randell and the killing of New Your Policemen at a Mosque.

P 83 – Jim Jones and the murder of 700 people, mostly blacks

P 107 – Roosevelt the racist

P 109 – Ralph Waldo Emerson on honor: “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.”

P 110 – “It is often said that those who are unduly bothered by gays are latent homosexuals. Isn’t it possible that people obsessed with racism are themselves racists?”

P 135 – The O.J trial eviednce. “At this point in the trial, the evidence included drops of blood leading away from the two victims to Simpson’s Ford Bronco, to his driveway, to his front door, into his foyer and then to his bathroom; and a bloody left-hand glove found on the grounds of OJ’s estate the night of the murder that matched a right-hand glove found at the murder scene.”

P 153 – The blocked nomination of Charles Pickering

P 158 – The Duke Lacrosse rape lies

P 166 – Civil Rights legislation, Republicans in favor, Democrats against

P 176-170 – More on legislation.



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