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Book Review – Out Of Kishineff, W C Stiles

I came across this book, actually a reference to a book, while researching the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. At the moment I am not certain where I bumped into the name but in one of those books, there was a reference to the Easter Massacres in Kishineff. (I found the reference – it was in the book The Missing manuscript and is also mentioned in another of the books) A Google search provided a few details and then I located a reference to the text in the Internet Archive at:

I downloaded the text and over a period of a month or so edited it to clean up the junk artifacts caused by a scan and OCR operation that was close to accurate but left a lot to be desired in places.

The book or pamphlet was released very close to the actual events and as such carries a heavy emotional content. The outrage over the killings and injustice are clear and vibrant. The complicity of the Russian Government in the events is clear and undeniable. The gross antisemitism of the Czarist regime is obvious.

The general outline of events is as follows: In the spring of 1902, a young girl was found dead in Kishineff. Locals claimed that the girl’s body contained no blood and that Jews had killed her and used her blood in one of their rituals. The reference to blood is probably a reference to the use of a lamb’s blood in the Biblical story of Moses and the Hebrews in Egypt and the first Passover. In the story, the Hebrews smeared the blood of a lamb on their doors to prevent the Avenging Angel of God from killing their first-born child as he would do to the Egyptians who would not release the Hebrews from bondage. The claim, which was proven false, ignited a pogrom in the city which resulted in the deaths of nearly 50 Jews. The stories of torture, rape and murder were vivid and personal. The local Russian officials aided and abetted the rioters and refused to punish any of them nor would they come to the aid of the Jews,

From the standpoint of my researches elsewhere, this is significant in several ways:


  • The Czarist government in Russia was historically antisemitic and regularly persecuted the Jews. This made the distinction between them and the Communists/Bolsheviks all the more meaningful to the Jewish population, not only in Russia but all over the world. This led to a high degree of acceptability of Lenin and his revolution and the Soviet government that followed within the Jewish world community. The fact that the Soviets openly welcomed the Jews and the rest of the Western world, including the United States were heavily prejudiced against Jews led to an allegiance with Moscow that had reverberations down thru the Cold War.  The fact that numerous Jews were involved in Soviet espionage against the West is no accident…it is directly related to the fact that the Soviet Government treated the Jews as equal people. Among other things, this cost the USA its sole possession of Atomic weapons as Soviet agents, including many Jews, conducted a successful program to steal Atomic secrets for the Soviets. This in turn, gave us the Korean War as Stalin was unwilling to give the approval for the initiation of hostilities until he also had Atomic weapons.
  • The Kishineff massacre is connected to the publication of the Protocols. It was in the city of Kishineff that they were first published and this came shortly after the massacre. I suspect, altho there is little real evidence to support this, that the Protocols were published as a means of creating a justification for the massacre. The cooincidence is too much for me to take as accidental. This first publication date and location is confirmed in 2 of the books on the subject.

Attached is the copy of the text that I ended up with.

There is, in addition to this text, an additional one, also stored in the Internet Archive related to the massacre. This one is authored by a man named Cyrus Alder. I own probably a dozen books this man has written related to the history of Egypt. I’ve glanced at his book on Kishineff and it agrees well with this book. I have no knowledge of the background of W C Stiles, but the credibility of Alder is beyond question.

In relation to the connection to the Protocols, the following quote comes from Alder’s publication:


Immediately the rumor arose that the Jews had committed the deed to obtain Christian blood for the
Passover bread, and the accusation was kept alive by inflammatory articles in an anti-Semitic paper. The
Bessarabetz, published at Kishineff by one Krushevan. This journal occupied a favorable position for shaping
and controlling the humors of the populace. Not only was it licensed by the Government, but governmental
authorization had for some years been denied every other journalistic venture in the district, although
several applications had been made for the avowed purpose of counteracting the anti-Semitic propaganda
systematically carried on by Krushevan in his two papers, published at Kishineff and St. Petersburg.

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