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Book Review – Scott Shay, “The History of English”

This book was written by one of my past co-workers and he was gracious enough to sign my copy. Scott was one of our web developers and we worked together for about 2 years before I found out that he was working on his PhD and had authored a book. I promptly ordered the book from Amazon.

I found the book fairly easy to read and follow although the details and examples can be a bit thick at times. No question that there are a lot of details and examples. It did a very nice job of laying out the known history of the language and its origins. I found that quite helpful. As I mentioned to Scott when we got together just before he headed off to greener pastures was that it was not clear how the words were traced by their sound/pronunciation.  It seems that the sounds have changed very little and this is a guide that is used in the analysis.

The case that is made for the various threads of the history and development are well laid out and convincing. Short book, only ~200 pages and well worth the time and effort.

Good job Scott – now finish the PhD…..

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