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Book Review – The Diamond – Thich Nhat Hahn

Commentaries on the “Prajnaparamita Diamond Sutra”

This Sutra is in the form of a dialog between the Buddha and his disciple Sughati.

We are taught in Western civilization to look at the world, and life, in terms of dualities
: left/right, good/evil, rich/poor, black/white…etc. While this may be convenient in some ways and perhaps ‘efficient’, it is not the only way to view the world and life. Nor is it a continuum, rather, all are the same. The desire of the enlightened one is to lead all person, animals, things to enlightenment….and for no better reason that to do it. And to do it without motivation.

The illusion is that we are a self, a person, a living being, a life span.

All we see are illusions of the mind; behind the illusions are the forms we recognize. We must learn to see beyond the forms to be in touch with the substance.

This is all a difficult study on one’s own and one really needs a teacher along the way. But I can see that there are different ways of knowing and being and that they have validity. Consider that the view that I have of this computer and its keyboard are merely the very fancy holographic image that is created in my brain from the zillions of photons that reach my eyes and flow into my head……is it not an illusion?

The real lesson here is simply this – one helps others achieve enlightenment because it is what a person does for others.

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