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Book Review – The Myth of the Great Secret, Toby Johnson

A Search for Spiritual Meaning…An Appreciation of Joseph Campbell

Not at all sure where or when I picked this up but I recall that it sat on the shelf for quite a while before I finally read it.

An interesting book, written by a man who knew Campbell reasonably well and worked with him. Generally tells a story of how he came to know and appreciate the man.

Some of the notes I made:

“Discovery comes less often from learning and thinking than from intuition.”

“Plato discovered long ago that the important philosophical questions are ethical….”

“Today few of us feel enlightened or liberated. Few of us–though there are a few–long for the embrace of the void.”

“To alleviate the strain on out faculties and to cope with the immensely complex world around us, we are forced to become reductionists.” (whatever that is…)

“Religious poverty means living simply, consuming as little as possible, sharing what you have with others and accepting their sharing with you, and thereby being freed from the constant struggle to accumulate things.”

“The experts understand that very few human acts are evil in themselves, What is sinful is the attitude with which acts are done.”

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