Grandpa Kewl

Book Review – Works of Art – The Unites States Capitol, Government Printing Office

Kinda funny story about this book…..

We went to an antique sale held outside near Leesburg, which cost us 24.00 just to get in. We bought nothing….But, at one of the vendor’s tables, I saw a copy of this book and asked for a price as there was none in the book. The vendor asked $40.00…I said that was a bit steep and passed. Later the same day we were in another shop in Leesburg and I found another copy, and in better shape, and for all of $15.00. Just had to buy it.

While it was printed back in 1965 and I have seen much of the Capitol myself as a consequence of my job down there, this was a nice addition. It does a very fine job of presentation with good photographs.

A decent reference and shows some things that I have yet to see….

I would love to add copies of my own pictures, this time in color to the book….

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