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Daughter of Mine – John McDermott

Daughter of Mine



These are the thoughts of a father
On the wedding day of his daughter
As his mind wanders back to the first time he held her

Melanie Day 1
He looks at her now, the same pride in his eyes
As onto the dance floor they glide
This is the dance of the bride and her father

Dance with me daughter of mine
On this your wedding day
Dance with me daughter of mine
You’ll soon be going away
I loved you since you first began
Now you’ve found a new man
But I love you so, and this you must know
That my love won’t falter
So dance with me daughter
Beautiful daughter of mine

We walk down the aisle
On my face there’s a smile
But deep in my heart there’s a tear
Our friends and relations are here in the church
With smiles on their faces they stare
As we walk t’ward the man who has stolen your heart
And to whom I must give you away
But I wish you love and happiness too
On this your wedding day


The dance has begun
We twirl around the floor
But I know you’re not my little girl anymore
A lovely young woman has taken her place
And there’s happiness written all over her face
But always remember although we must part
You may leave my arms but never my heart

 What can I possibly add to the above?

In preparation for my daughter Melanie’s wedding day I went searching for a song that we could dance to that was both inspirational and not the usual fare. The song “Butterfly Kisses” was popular and in the running along with some of the standards such as Frank Sinatra’s “Try a Little Tenderness” (which played at my first wedding). Somewhere I found this song and bought the CD, which I still have….and the search ended there.

And contrary to the words of the song, she will always be my little girl that I love.

So here are a few of the pictures:

Here is my daughter and my Bride before the ceremony:


And walking her down the aisle:


After the ceremony, just the 2 of us:



And 2 of us on the dance floor

   wedding1214b   A596a-04

I have to quit now cause the tears of joy in my eyes make it hard to carry on….


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