Grandpa Kewl

Kumbaya – Not.

It has been an amazing thing to watch…the pivot of the Left from obscene insults to their “unity” theme. After 4 years of having been called everything from a racist to a Nazi to a homophobe…just to name a few of the more common slurs, we are supposed to just forget all that and pretend that it never happened. Not here and not now.

It has all been rather reminicent of what it was like for the first 15 years after I came home from Vietnam, only then it was baby-burner, war criminal, racist and the like. I guess those 15 years sorta prepared me for dealing with this last 4 given that it is coming from the same side of the political spectrum and led by some of the same folks who were there to curse and spit on me and my fellow vets. I must confess that I hid out then…not any more.

But then it goes along well with the Lefts view of us folks….we’re just too dumb to remember, just to unsophisticated to see the hypocricy and quite gullible enough to believe all this garbage. When I hear and see a formal apology for all the insults…maybe then I’ll consider some forgiveness…not holding my breath for that tho…

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