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Pictures – Two Dead Trees are taken Down

One afternoon I walked out to the back yard after coming home from work to find a large tree limb on the ground, fallen from a dead tree in the back yard:

The tree was well within distance to hit the house if it fell in the right/wrong direction. Knowing that and the fact that the tree was certainly dead, we decided to get estimates on its removal. We got a good quote from a firm in Madison by the name of “T & N Tree & Landscaping” and scheduled the removal for Friday 7/6/2018. To this tree we also added a second that was behind the barn. The arrangement was to have both taken down with the wood from the better one cut for us to retain and the other to be removed.

On the appointed day, 4 fellows showed up led by the owner Tony (The “T” in T & N), his son Joey, long time friend Travis and the climber Landon. These guys were just plain a joy to have working for us and I’d recommend them anytime. I was able to get to know them a bit, tried to stay out of the way, took a bunch of pictures, and learned more than a little about everything from using my tractor, how to operate a chainsaw and what to do with the wood that we retained. Watching these pros at work was quite rewarding. Gotta admire great work.

The first tree, the one in the back was down so fast I did not even get a chance to get my camera. I did get to see it fall but here it is down and being cut up:

The cut wood was loaded onto a trailer and taken away. That’s our tractor in operation and it got more of a workout this day than I have given it before. Most educational to see it being used and do things I had never thought of:

All that remained was the stump which we chose to leave as is and not have it ground:

The tree in the front could not simply be cut down as there was no room for it to fall without damaging other trees so it had to be taken down a piece at a time. The fellow who climbed the tree is Landon. Some amazing stuff to watch. More than once I had to say “You gotta be kidding!”.

Getting up there:

The first of the limbs come crashing down:

Getting further up:

How’s this for a view:

Swapping out the chainsaw:

Another limb…going…going…gone:

Now…Let’s “Go Out On A Limb”:

Working further down the tree:

Another limb…going…going…gone:

The last cut comes down:

Joey and Travis chipping the remains and cutting up the wood and Tony managing the chipper:

Getting ready for the final cut:

I think Travis was born with a chainsaw in his hand!

And one little push:

And down it goes:


This one got cut up into family-sized 14 inch segments and stacked behind the woodshed for me to split…yes, I need the exercise I’m told. The chips were dumped back there too for us to use as needed and all cleaned up.




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