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Saigon Support Command – Autumn 1968

An issue of a magazine titled “Hi-Lite”:

This is from my command. I was assigned to:

Headquarters Company
Saigon Support Command
1st Logistical Command
U.S. Army Vietnam

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1 thought on “Saigon Support Command – Autumn 1968”

  1. Howard Brinkdoepke

    I was assigned to the U.S. Army Support Command Saigon from November, 1966, to November, 1967. I worked in the office of the Director of Maintenance (LTC Raymond Borne). When I arrived in November, 1966, the Support Command was located in Saigon… in a building (formerly a hotel) next door to the building that had once been the French Embassy. In about March, 1967, the Support Command moved to another office building near the Tan Son Nhut Air Base. In about September, 1967, the Support Command moved to Long Binh. It was an interesting tour of duty!

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