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Swann Family Photos – Update #1

This is the first post in a series of pictures scanned from the albums and boxes brought out of Dad’s home. In some cases, a card or clipping is included as it seemed to fit. The pictures are included pretty much in the order in which they were scanned. No attempt has, at yet, been made to categorize or sort them  altho this will eventually happen in some limited instances.

The pictures that are contained in the links below can be seen individually and downloaded. Click on the Thumbnail (small 150*150 image) and you will switch to a page with a larger image where you can add comments where appropriate. This “thumbnail” is not a true thumbnail but a portion of the picture, generally from the center. It can be a little misleading at times as to the real content. Also on that page is a link to the full size picture which you can then download to your own computer and save or print or both. There is also a link on the page that allows you to go directly to the next or previous picture so you do not have to come all the way back to the gallery.

As additional pictures are scanned and cleaned, they will be added in groups of 100+ or so and shown in separate links and pages.

These pictures were scattered about in one of the boxes and in no particular order. There are a few that were mounted in a frame and they were removed from the frame which revealed that the frames usually had multiple pictures enclosed. I have added a comment where there was a note on the back of the picture that helps identify the person and/or scene.

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