Grandpa Kewl

Swann Family Photos – Update 12 – 1984 Trip to Ireland

This book presented a few unusual challenges. The pictures were placed into one of those “stick-down” albums and supplemented by a lot of notes made by Mom. The pages were bound in a spiral binder that was broken from the binder itself. The spiral plastic was rotted and seriously discolored. I had to disassemble it and discard the broken parts to salvage the actual pages. These remain intact and with the binder now without all the broken and destroyed pieces.

It was not possible to scan the pictures individually or along with the notes Mom made as they were too stuck down to be removable. A preliminary test proved that an attempt to do so would ruin both the pictures and the notes. As a consequence, I had to scan the entire page as a whole. This makes the thumbnails in the gallery a bit hard to make sense of but the full pictures are OK. If there are any of the individual pictures that anyone wants a detailed scan of, just let me know. As it is, the best picture in my view is alone and on the final page. See what you think….

Also – The individual picture files are about 3 times larger than the usual picture scan which makes for a slower download. If this proves to be too much of a problem and is too slow, I can rebuild the page with smaller resolution pictures but they will not be as clear.

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