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Swann Family Photos – Update #5 – Vacation 10/1987 in 3 Parts

The pictures here were taken from a blue spiral bound photo album that is still in good shape. The inside cover states that it is from Cac Cun (Should be Can Cun) 10/11/1987 – 10/18/1987 and Barbados 10/1986. From a note card in the back of the binder, the trip was a gift from the family to Mom and dad for their 40th Wedding Anniversary. In addition to the two trips indicated, at the back of the book were a number of unrelated pictures that were added to fill up all the pages. The album is still intact altho some of the extra pictures which are too large to have fit into the pages have been sorted with the other over-sized pictures.

Because of the number of pictures involved, I split this into 3 parts.

There is a lot of duplication in this set as compared to the previous vacation pictures. However, there are pictures in both that are not duplicated so, in the interest of completeness, they have all been retained in the order in which they were placed in the album.

Cancun – Part 1

Cancun – Part 2

Cancun – Part 3

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