Grandpa Kewl

Swann Family Photos – Update #9 – The Family in Bethany

Well, This is too much fun to be omitted. While I was cleaning out some old backups I made on CD’s & DVD’s, I stumbled onto the pictures taken when the whole family went to Bethany for a week vacation together. These were not in Dad’s pictures but I just had to add it. The dates are 7/8/2006 – 7/15/2006.

Everybody is included and there are a lot of pictures so I broke them out by day. There are 3 separate cameras taking pictures so they are not all in chronological order…could not help that. Brought back a lot of wonderful memories.

Day 1 – Cookout & Beach
Day 2 – Beach & Crab Feast
Day 3 – Beach, Dolphin, Put-Put, Night Fishing
Day 4 – Beach, Boardwalk, Rides
Day 5 – Chilling in the Condo
Day 6 – Beach and Around the Condo
Day 7 – Big Dinner & Group Pictures
Day 8 – Cleaning Up to Leave


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