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Book Review – A Bold Fresh Piece Of Humanity – Bill O’Reilly

I’ve been a regular watcher of “The O’Reilly Factor” for years now and this is the first of his books that I have read. In a word – Excellent.

The book reads just like a conversation with O’Reilly as if it was dictated, not written but that works out quite well. The style is familiar and easy to follow.

Some of the notes I made as I read it:

“To this day, I believe much of the anti-Americanism in Europe is driven by simple jealousy.”…I agree

“There’s a story about President Johnson being so fed up with the anti-Americanism of Charles de Gualle that he called the French President and threatened to exhume every American body buried in Normandy and ship the corpses back to the USA. I believe the story is true.”…I have heard it also.

speaking of the drug culture…”Scrawny, unkempt guys who were lepers to the opposite sex just twelve months prior were now making out very well, especially if they spouted radical rubbish and had a stash of weed.”

“If you earn it, it means a lot more to you than if it’s given to you. Taking stuff makes you weaker. earning stuff makes you stronger.”

Agreed – this applies to a lot of situations from welfare, tax refunds and even the acceptance by Europe of American protection during the Cold War. They all got weaker.

“Why am I telling you all this? Because I believe that overcoming fear is an essential key to living a useful and honorable life. Taming fear also trains a person to stand up to injustice. When it is all over, when you are dead in the ground or in an urn, your legacy will be defined by two simple questions: How many wrongs did you right and how many people did you help when they needed it.”

“My definition of evil, like just about everything else about me, is simple and straightforward: If you knowingly hurt another human being without significant cause, like self-defense, you are committing an evil act.”

Well said.

“You either fight active evil or you accept it. Doing nothing is acceptance. There is no in-between.”

“As for President George Herbert Walker Bush, I have corresponded with him over the years and can tell you the man understands more about how this world works than anyone else I know….I promised to keep President Bush the elder’s comments to me private until he dies, and I will keep that promise.”

Something to keep in mind….

Overall I thought this was a very well done book and most interesting. It held my interests completely and cracked me up laughing more than a few time. It helps to explain why the “fair and balanced” guy came to be what he is and this explains why I find him so interesting to watch. It is no wonder at all that he is so popular. We share a lot of common values…even a Catholic education that we both treasure.

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