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Book Review – An Appraisal of the Protocols of Zion, John Curtiss

I ordered this book from Alibris after reading another book, yet to be reviewed…The Non-Existent Manuscript

It’s short, a little over 100 pages and written in 1942

The strength of the book lies in the direct comparisons that it presents between the protocols and the book from which the material was plagiarized, namely Joly’s Book “Dialogue”. The review I had read of the book indicated that this was a major part of the book and that is why I purchased it. I was not disappointed. The comparisons are many and absolutely convincing. You would have to be…well….something of a fool not to recognize that the texts are related. I’m not going to put any in this review because I could not bring myself to even quote from the Protocols, they are that vile. Suffice it to say that this is a solid presentation.

The other parts I found interesting were the historical data relating to the Bern trial that allowed so much of the material to finally surface. The total cooperation of the Soviet government is telling and one of the reasons that Jews were not unfriendly to the Soviets and the Communist system. That has major implications later in history during the Cold War. There is a book yet to be reviewed that will allow me to go further into that aspect of American history…a history that is ignored and avoided by those on the Left.

The one thing that really struck me was the coincidence in time between the first publication of the Protocols and the Pogrom in Kishiveff. They are only months apart. I have downloaded a book about that massacre that was scanned and never corrected from the “Internet Archive”. I am gradually cleaning up the text and reading it. I find it hard to believe that the two events are not related. I rarely believe, if ever, in coincidences, I suspect that the Proptocols were realesed at the time as a cover for and justification for the killings that EAster season. The coincidence is just tooooo much for me to allow as an accident.

A couple other notes to myself:

The First Zionist Congress was convened on the personal initiative of Dr. Throdor Herzl, a Jewish journelist of Vienna, and took place in Basel Switzerland in 1897.

It was interesting that one of the grand plans is to drop the gold standard….which Nixon finally did.

The book makes a lot of the origin of the protocols from the Russian police agent Rachkovski in Paris. The evidence that he was one of the authors is convincing…

Very glad I purchased this one…..

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