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Book Review – Empires of Time, Anthony Aveni

“Calendars, Clocks, and Cultures”

This is a rather thought provoking book…time is a constant in human thought.

Read 10/2009

Some Notes:

P 28 – Relationship between the period of the Moon and that of Woman

P – 31 “Faith in the Machine”

P 52 – Babylonian Creation Myth

P 59 – Marshack

P 64 – Stonehenge as a calendar

P 68 – The Sumerian token system

P 115 – The celestial conjunction of 17-18 February 3100 BC

P 121 – Plato: Time begins when ideal finds form

P 135 – The universe is as it is since it would not exist any other way…the physical constants say this….

P 177 – The Maya 260 day cycle

P 241 – “An underlying motive in creating and developing any cosmology is to produce a solid ideological foundation upon which to place society’s history”.


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