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Book Review – How to be Right by Greg Gutfeld

Another good read from one of my favorite characters. His sense of humor is a very kewl match to my own. Not to mention that he is one of the best at thumbing his nose at the world of “Political Correctness”. I just wish I had the time to see more of his show on Fox.


In a nutshell, the gist of the book is that if you want to be persuasive at all when discussing things with lefties, you better know your shit, be a little humble and keep from shouting..

“For you will be afforded no mercy by the preening cowards of establishment media. They are a vengeful mob: they see you as different, and they will come for you, because your difference sparks insecurity.”

“That’s the point of this book, really. (‘Making Your Point, Without Being a Dickhead’ – a title my narrow-minded publisher rejected, by the way”…love it.


and my favorite from the book:

“Obama whining about Fox News is like a football player bad-mouthing the only cheerleader who won’t sleep with him.”

Such goodness…:)




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