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Book Review – Plunder and Deceit, Mark Levin

I’ve read a number of his books and this is a good one. I was already familiar with most of what he had to say here but was not aware of so many of the statistics he quoted. Those were the best part, so far as I was concerned, being the geeky fellow I am. Too bad these do not play well in out 128 character world today.

The plunder part relates to the theft of wages and property and wealth from those that have created it and the passing of it to those that do nothing much to deserve it…except that they breath and eat and defecate. The plundering has come mostly from the young. The fact that so few are aware of what is being done to them is a sad illustration of just how uninformed and historically ignorant the youth of today are.

The deceit part relates to the fact that we have all been lied to about the where and why and how of these programs, starting with Social Security and running thru Obamacare. The record of out-right lies is disgusting at best. The fact that the creators of these programs knew exactly what they were doing, especially the lying part, is the worst aspect of it all….and we generally fell for it out of a sense of misplaced trust.

In a strange way, it dovetails with the current rise of Donald Trump….so many of us are genuinely fed up and tired of and disgusted with the performance of the ruling class in this country…and it is they who have foisted all this on us. Maybe that’s not so strange after all….

I want my farm in the valley….hard times are coming.

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