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Pictures – Photographing Doris Swann’s Family Tree

While Melanie & family were visiting, I got the bright idea of getting a picture of the family tree print out I had made of Mom’s (Doris Kratz/Swann) family tree. I had, up to this time spent literally a hundred hours piecing it together and trying to figure out where it overlapped with my own, so as not to duplicate persons in the web site for the LaDue tree.

So, I rolled the ting up, all 42 pages of it, and thought to roll it out of an upstairs bedroom window. Turns out it was way, way too long for that and in addition, my job of taping the pages together was not up to the wind. So I had to come outside and corral it back together and lay it out on the driveway to get a picture of it.

I am, as of this date a month later, still working on adding the new persons to the existing web site….

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