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Book Review – Collier’s New Photographic History Of The World’s War

This is a companion to the other Collier’s book and was bought at the same time and from the same dealer as the first. This one is not in such great shape. I do not think we had this one at home when I was a child but I just had to buy it since it was there…

A description from a site that was selling a copy:

This is a very impressive hardbound book following WWI through pictures. There is a forward by F.J. Reynolds followed by more than 100 pages of photos by official photographers accompanying each army and drawings made by artists at the front. It features all of the important figures of the war, scenes of the front in many countries and pictures of the tanks, planes, and ships that were used in the battles. The book was collected and arranged by Francis J. Reynolds and C. W. Taylor. It is cloth covered and paper board with a photo of an airplane on the front. It also comes with the beautiful portraits of the Four Famous Generals Each paper portrait was originally mounted on frameable card stock with a biography. Marshall Ferdinand Foch, General John Joseph Pershing, Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig and I believe, Sir Edmund Allenby.

It measures about 11 3/4” by 16 3/8” by 5/8“.  The four generals measure about 8 7/8” by 11” on 11 ½” 15 1/8” card stock. One is no longer attached to the card and another is missing the biography. They are all in fairly good conditon with light wear, wrinkles and small tears on the edges.

Some scans from the book are to be found at:

Just as interesting as the other but in rough shape. Pages have tears and some have been taped…

A decent copy sold on eBay for $85.00

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