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Book Review – Scanning Negatives and Slides, Sascha Steinhoff

I found this while traveling in New Mexico during our October, 2009 trip. It is the first book I have seen that treats of this subject so I jumped on it.

This is an excellent reference for the subject but it has a clear tendency to address the high-end of this business, both in terms of hardware as well as software I guess that is to be expected. In some ways, I did not learn much new but in other ways, I learned that the ways that I have evolved in doing this work are pretty decent and up to par. Granted that I do not have the top-of-the-line scanners….the next one up is about $500.00.

Perhaps the best thing I found was that my decision to redo all the scans that I had previously done was the right one….the “unsharp” option should never be used.

Another titbit that was useful was that it had a lot of information about VueScan….so I downloaded it and tried it again.While it has a nice layout etc., the killer is the fact that it seems to scan only one image at a time on the older negatives I’m working with. I tried to follow the instructions and they do not help. Doing one at a time when the Canon ScanGear software lets me pick 4 separately is a no-brainer…I sent the author a note and 5 days later, there is no response.

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