Grandpa Kewl

Pictures – A Tour of the New Home Property

Today I wandered around the property and took some representative pictures

The view from the entrance:

Off to the Right Side:

Toward the Back Yard:

A Dead Tree…removed a few days later…Check out

Looking Down the Hill to the “Back 40”:

In the “Back 40”:

This is a wonderful peaceful place with squirrels, deer, hawk, owls and many other birds

A Tree that was felled by the Wind Storm that I am cutting up with my new Chainsaw:

A Rock Pile (complete with a resident Groundhog), a Wood Pile of what I’ve cut up from a variety of trees and a veritable forest of Raspberries and Blackberries:

One I cut myself…just to give some scale to the wood…

The Garden as of this date:

A Nice Evening with dinner on the back patio:

By The Way…there’s a groundhog resident in the barn as well. we have a deal…it can stay so long as it stays out of the garden!



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