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Book Review – Going Rogue, Sarah Palin

I still can recall the thrill I had when she was announced as the running mate for John McCain. I heard it while on vacation in Montana. I had earlier chosen her as my personal pick after looking over the standard candidates and then looking at the lesser known choices. Too bad McCain did such a lousy job of using her in the ensuing campaign.

An interesting book which reads just as she speaks. Nothing fake here.

Some notes I made:

P 20 – The Northern Lights

P 41 – “…hard work and passion matter most of all.”

P 48 – “…beat feet back to Alaska.” One of my phrases…LOL

P 103 – Women and the open doors

P 119 – “His wife is running for Boss Alaska.”

P 172 – Thoughts on getting pregnant again

P 179 – “Why not us.”

P 348 – Worthless media

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